Marudaizu soy sauce efMoromi no shizukuff

*Marudaizu means whole soy beans

This soy-sauce is special for our company.

This is made from just soybeans and wheat, salt which are from Japan.

Especially soy beans is from our prefecture efIshikawaff.

We stock this soy-sauce with traditional way.

You can enjoy original taste of soy-sauce through this.

Our recommend how to use

Sushi, sashimi(raw fish), steak, tofuc


Marudaizu soy-sauce efNaoeya Genbeff

@ A characteristic of Kanazawa soy-sauce is moderate efsweetff and efmellowff.

This sou-sauce is most Kanazawa taste among our products.

The name of efNaoeya Genbeff is from the founder of our company.

We make this soy-sauce with traditional way of efOono soy-sauceff.

Our recommend how to use

You can cook all Japanese food with this soy-sauce!


We use special vegetable which is called efKaga yasaiff (yasai means vegetable) for some dressings.

A definition of  efKaga yasaiff is that have cultivated since 1945 in Kanazawa.

There are 15 efKaga yasaiff now.

efKaga yasaiff has been popular for people who live in Ishikawa prefecture beyond the times.

Kinji-so dressing
@ ''Kinji-soff is one of efKaga yasaiff.

If we add vinegar to kinji-so, color change to pink.

We use this characteristic and make kinji-so dressing.

There are no coloring chemical in this dressing.

This bright pink is natural color.

This dressing is French type.

Our recommend how to use

Carpaccio, salad, fried fishc

                                                                                                This is ''kinji-so''.

Gensuke-daikon dressing


efGensuke –daikonff is one of efKaga yasaiff.

efDaikonff means Japanese white radish.

Compared with common Japanese white radish, efGensuke-daikonff is sweeter.

Although common Japanese white radish has proper sharp taste,

efGensuke-daikonff has no sharp taste but sweet.

This is character of this vegetable.

We make no oil dressing with much grated efGensuke-daikonff.

We finish Japanese style dressing with soy-sauce and juice of apple and efyuzuff

Our recommend how to use

A hamburg steak, BBQ, salad with boiled pork

This is ''gensuke-daikon''.@

Soy sauce and sesame dressing
@ @

We use roasting sesame for this dressing.

To add our soy-sauce to this dressing, you can enjoy special sesame dressing which soy-sauce company make.

Compared with other sesame dressing, our is sticker and more creamy!

Our recommend how to use

Salad with tofu, steamed chicken or vegetables


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