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Since 1825 We communicate tradition through the taste and flavor of soy sauce.

About "Oono-Shoyu"

The quality of soy sauce is evaluated by 'color', 'flavor' and 'taste'. Our town "Oono" in Kanazawa city is one of the big production area of soy sauce in Japan. The soy sauce which made in Oono town is known as "Oono-Shoyu". Each production area has different taste & flavor of soy sauce. For example, Kanto area including Tokyo, tends to prefer dark soy sauce. Kansai area including Kyoto and Osaka, tends to prefer light soy sauce.Kyushu area including Fukuoka, tends to prefer sweet soy sauce. The taste of "Oono-Shoyu" is between Kanto and Kansai, and less sweet than Kyushu area. It has moderate sweetness and deep flavor. That is why our soy sauce is called "Umakuchi shoyu" which tastes better.

The beginning of "Oono-Shoyu"

About 400 years ago, the 3rd king of Kaga-domain, now known as Ishikawa Prefecture, ordered a merchant named "Ihee Naoeya" to go to Kishu, now known as Wakayama Prefecture, to learn how to make soy sauce. "Ihee Naoeya" brought technology for making soy sauce, then started making soy sauce at Oono town. Climate of Kanazawa city suited for making soy sauce, and also had pure and clean water. In addition, king of Kaga-domain had protected industry of making soy sauce.

"Oono-Syoyu" became one of special product of Kaga country and our town "Oono" prospered as a town of soy sauce.

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