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Factory Tours

We give you the explanation of 'How to make soy sauce' & 'The history of Oono-Shoyu'. Then we take you to show the product line, the bottling factory. After that you can see the old town house and enjoy the tasting & shopping of our product at "Naoeya Genbee". This shop "Naoeya Genbee" is the place that reconstructed the old brewing storehouse for 'Moromi-shoyu'.

Furthermore you can eat popular 'soy sauce ice cream' at "Moromi-gura".

'Moromi-gura' is the shop & gallery of other company at Oono town. It was also made by reconstructing of the old brewing storehouse for 'Moromi-shoyu'. It takes 2 to 3 minute from "Naoeya Genbee" by walk. Our staff take you there, if you want. Please feel free to ask us anything.

* We are not accepting the factory tours for now because of reconstructing of the factory. We tell you on this web page as soon as it will be ready for restart.

Shop & Cafe

Shop Name
Naoeya Genbee - Soysause & Café -
10:00AM to 17:00PM ※ It is closed on Wednesdays
4-16, Oono town, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan
+81 76 268 1300 direct to the shop / +81 76 268 1113 direct to Naogen-office
Parking lot
10 standard-sized cars
by cash or a credit-card is available

This shop & cafe is the place which were used as a brewing storehouse of 'Moromi - unrefined soy sauce' for a long time. The old brewing storehouse was reconstructed as a shop & cafe. This storehouse is more than 100 years old. To avoid the influences from outside, it has a structure of that sunlight is not come into the inside of this building. The outer walls are covered in soil walls. The ceiling is wellhole style, and the window with latticework is tasteful. The outside appearance is unified with a chic color to become familiar with the old town. We placed wooden items, tables, chairs, cask for keeping soy sauce and so on. You can find the unique atmosphere uniting oldness & newness. Please enjoy the tasting & shopping of our products, and also have a relaxing tea time at cafe space.

Products selling at shop

  • Soysauce
  • Soysauce Powder
  • Dressing
  • Ponze
  • Dashitsuyu
  • Candy
  • Rice Cracker
  • Nuts
  • Noodle
  • Tangle Roll
  • Coffee Cup
  • Japanese Style Towel
  • Japanese Wrapping Cloth

and others

Cafe Menu