*about out company
Our company was established in 1825 as a company which was direct descended from Ihee Naoeya.
Our philosophy of business is to send taste of traditional to your life through taste and aroma of our products.
We passionate about a prominent soy-sauce with Iheefs enthusiastic.
We donft product only soy-sauce but also dressings with special vegetable which is called efKaga yasaiff. ''yasai'' means vegetable.
We call vegetables which have grown for about 300 years in Kanazawa efKaga yasaiff.
There are 15 kinds of Kaga vegetable now.
We try to make seasoning which is good for modern life with our tradition of over 100 years.


company name  Naogen Soysauce Co.,Ltd
Adress 1-53, Oono town, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan
Telephone  076-268-1113
Fax  076-267-4446
Representative  President Junichiro Naoe
Business founded  1825
Incorparated  august 1st 1952
Number of employee  20
Field of business  product of soysauce, Japanese soup stock, dressing etcc
Annual production volume  1800 kilo litter

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