@*character of ''Oono shoyu''

Our town efOonoff in Kanazwa city is as one of the biggest producers of soy-sauce in Japan.
We call soy-sauce made in Oono town ''Oono-Shoyu''.
Each area has different taste of soy-sauce. People who live in Kanto area (ex. Tokyo) like dark soy-sauce.
People who live in Kansai area (ex.Kyoto,Osaka) like light soy-sauce.
Our soy-sauce ''Oono shoyu'' is mixed with Kanto and Kansai tastes.
Its character is sweeter and deeper than soy sauce of Kanto and Kansai.
That is why our soy-sauce is called ''Umakuchi(tastes better) shoyu''.   


*history about ''Oono shoyu''

The 3rd king of Kaga(now known as Ishikawa Prefecture) ordered Ihee Naoeya to go to Kishu
(now Known as Wakayama Prefecture) to learn how to make soy-sauce about 400 years ago.
Ihee Naoeya brought technology for making soy-sauce, started to make soy-sauce at Oono town.
Climate of Kanazawa city is suit for making soy sauce and has beautiful water.
In addition, king of Kaga had protected industry of making soy sauce.
''ono shoyuff become one of special product of Kaga country and our city efOonoff prospered as a town of soy sauce.


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